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    About us

    Game Dog Performance Nutrition is a brand of professional dietary supplements for dogs, which is the result of cooperation between specialists in the field of veterinary dietetics, breeders and dog owners. They are a perfect supplement to the dog’s daily diet with a number of health-promoting ingredients, especially in the case of dogs’ special needs, resulting from breed predispositions, practiced sports or diseases. The recipes of our supplements have been developed by excellent specialists, thanks to which the preparations are characterized by excellent bioavailability and high effectiveness, usually noticeable after a relatively short period of use.


    We cooperate with experts in the animal nutrition industry, veterinarians, dog breeders and owners of sports and working dogs. On a daily basis, we care for the health and excellent condition of particularly demanding dogs that practice sports professionally, whose bodies are burdened with enormous physical and mental effort. Game Dog products also improve the quality of life for dogs that require professional support due to various health problems.

    Our supplements are manufactured in a specialized pharmaceutical plant in the European Union, in accordance with the highest standards. We use only certified substances of the “Human Grade” class, which we additionally subject to a number of qualitative analyzes, which guarantees the highest quality of the product and safety of use.

    When creating our supplements, we care about the highest quality of raw materials - all our products are made of ingredients that meet human grade standards.