Brand ambassador – Agnieszka Jarecka

Ambasadorka marki – AGNIESZKA JARECKA

My name is Agnieszka Jarecka, I am from Bielsko-Biała, I belong to the Trango Dog Sled Section, I have been competing in dog sledding competitions for 22 years. Since then, this sport has become my hobby, but also a way of life. I devote a lot of time to training, I spend every free moment with my dogs, taking care of their condition and proper development. Currently, I have 5 Greyster/Eurodog sled dogs – they are bred about 30 years ago in Norway, special mixes of German pointer, English greyhound and pointer, created for sprint dog sledding races.
They are dogs that are characterized by very high strength and speed while maintaining endurance for several kilometers and high motivation to work. These dogs weigh approx. 28-35 kg and measure approx. 67-75 cm at the withers. The average speed of my dogs in sled is 32-35 km/h. My team is: 5-year-old Kodi, of which I have achieved the greatest successes, 2-year-old Aspen and Zula, 3-month-old Fido and 12-year-old pensioner Shila. I specialize in bikejoring, i.e. mountain biking with a dog, and in winter in skijoring, i.e. cross-country skiing with a dog. These are the individual disciplines of dog sledding. I am a member of the National Team of the Polish Dog Sled Sports Association and I have an International Championship sports class.
Thanks to my high achievements in the international arena, I am a current scholarship holder of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

I have been participating in dog sledding competitions for 22 years. Since then, this sport has become my hobby, but also a way of life

Supplementation of the canine athlete plays a very important role if we want to fight for the highest places on the podium. We must remember about the supplementation of sled dogs and the use of preparations for joints, muscle mass and improving immunity. It is also very important to effectively hydrate the dog well in advance of exercise, preferably with a dog isotonic drink. In the case of my quadrupeds, preparations from the Polish company GameDog work great. During the starting season, I use the set: AniFlexi Fit, HMB Ca, Spirulina, Omega-3 acids and IsoDog, and for a growing puppy GameVit. I chose the GameDog brand because of the high quality of active ingredients in their products, which also meet nutritional standards for humans, speed of action and high efficiency, which is important when there are more pets 😉

Ambasadorka marki – AGNIESZKA JARECKA
My achievements::

IFSS 2015 BikeJoring World Champion – Bristol, Canada
2015 IFSS World Vice-Champion in skijoring – Bernau, Germany
II Vice-World IFSS 2006 in bikejoring juniors Rastede, Germany
IFSS 2016 European Champion in bikejoring – Thetford, Great Britain
IFSS 2016 European Champion in skijoring – Savalen, Norway
IFSS 2014 European Champion in bikejoring – Lamotte-Beuvron, France
European Champion ECF 2011 in bikejoring – Góra sw. Anny, Poland

II Vice-Champion of Europe ECF 2016 in bikejoring – Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic
Polish Champion 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 in skijoring
Champion of Poland 2016, 2015, 2014 in bikejoring
Champion of Poland 2016 in teams class D0
Vice-champion of Poland 2014 in teams class C0
2nd Vice-Champion of Poland 2011 in teams D0 class