Search and Rescue Section OSP RW Modlin

Sekcja Poszukiwawczo-Ratownicza OSP RW Modlin

The Search and Rescue Section of the OSP RW Modlin searches for missing people using rescue dogs and electronic devices. We have been operating in this area of rescue for four years. Our team is constantly growing with new members. Currently, we have four dogs in our structures: two Labradors, one Australian Shepherd and one German Shepherd.

The accepted method of marking a found person is a roll. During the month we spend many hours training to improve the work of our dogs, navigators and planners. An extremely important issue during the search operation is the condition of the rescue dog. After reading many reviews and checking many companies, we chose the GAMEDOG brand. They offer the highest quality supplements supported by scientific research. Individual products such as HMB Ca, OMEGA-3, AniFlexi or ISO Dog meet our expectations one hundred percent.