Zoran & Dee Dee

Dee Dee

Born: October 26, 2016

Dee Dee started her journey and first steps as a “sports bull” in Sporting Bulldogs Club Croatia, which organized the biggest competition in region. Her first competition was in Serbia 2017, APBT CLUB SERBIA, these were among the first track and field competitions for the APBT in Europe. Dee Dee won her first trophy there at the age of 9 months. At the age of 10 months she appeared in our home club APBT SHOW competition organized by SPORTING BULLDOGS CLUB Croatia. Out of 55 dogs, it was won by Dee Dee and she got the “best result in the show” in long jump and dragging, with getting the maximum number of points in total from all dogs competing in this one
discipline. This was the beginning of her journey and the rest is history.

Dee Dee won trophies in all the disciplines she competed in: wall, high jump, long jump, hedge jump, drag pull, sprint, trackmill,
treadmill, frame and tractor

Participation in dog sports events, preparation for these events,
of course the raw diet, supplementation and genetics gave it her beautiful appearance, which was appreciated by the judges, which won the podium.
She has also wont in shows of ADBA and other clubs, especially in the BEST IN categories CONDITION, BEST IN SHOW FEMALE. Among the judges were pioneers in
the world of the APBT race in Europe: Luigi Bezzi, Luigi John Matha and Paolo Foglia.

"Dee Dee, a dog so good we had to name her twice"

At the age of 5, Dee Dee continues her journey in the world of canine sport.
It’s all for the love of this amazing breed, travel, amazing meetings with dogs and people of this world. Simply.



Chorwacja (wystawy Apbt SBC, Power Dog Shows, Clash of K9 international ,
Wystawy Psa Roku, Athletic Dog ToW Show)

Serbia (wystawa klubowa Apbt, wystawa Iron Dog), -Bułgaria (psy sportowe
wystawa w Bułgarii)

Włochy ( wystawa ADBA Włochy, wystawy SDC Veneto, SDC Włochy
Węgry( wystawa Bakuse, wystawa Dog Olympia ) Polska ( ADBA

Polska GAME-DOG Athletic Show, -Belgia (ADBA Belgia),

Francja (Francuska Wystawa Psów Sportowych)