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Game Dog supplements for dogs


The Game Dog Performance Nutrition brand was created in cooperation with nutrition specialists and sports dietetics for dogs and … the breeders themselves along with their pets.

Before our supplements were created, we had been gaining specialist knowledge of supplementation and special dietetics of companion animals for many years. The main direction of our interests has always been animals with special needs – working dogs, sports dogs and animals requiring special nutrition for health reasons. This orientation was necessary due to the special requirements of our furry friends. It was our dogs, in particular two of them – Reksio and Iskier, that were the stimulus that encouraged us to act.

Ailments occurring in our pets made us realize what problems other dogs and their guardians face on a daily basis and what products are missing on the polish market. We are well acquainted with the needs of dogs with problems with the locomotor system as well as sports and working animals, burdened with great physical effort. We experienced first-hand how hard it is for a dog exhausted by a serious illness to regain full health.

The gained experience motivated us to take action and create a line of innovative supplements of the highest quality, thanks to which each dog will be able to fully use its potential, enjoying health and excellent condition.

Each of our products is the result of many long-term considerations supported by scientific research, confirming the effectivenesss of each ingredient. We use the latest scientific achievements related to nutritional supplements.

We do not add artificial colors, preservatives, flavors or fragrances to our products. Additives of this type may cause allergic reactions.

Since our products are dedicated, among others, to weakened, sick and convalescent dogs, we also took care of excellent digestibility and bioavailability.

When creating our supplements for dogs, we care about the highest purity of raw materials – all our products are made of ingredients which quality meets the “Human grade” nutritional standards.