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Game Dog Calcium+D3 – calcium for dogs


⇒ Supports the proper mineralization of puppies’ bones and teeth
⇒ Compensates for calcium deficiencies
⇒ Accelerates recovery after injuries and orthopedic procedures
⇒ Supports the functioning of muscles and the immune system
⇒ Conducive to maintaining proper neurotransmission
⇒ Affects the dog’s hormonal balance and contributes to maintaining proper blood clotting
⇒ Facilitates the balancing of home diets with a high content of phosphorus

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Bones and joints


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Bones and joints

Calcium+D3 is a dietary supplement for dogs, which is a source of calcium and vitamin D3. Helpful for proper growth, supports skeletal mineralization and bone building. It compensates for calcium deficiencies, has a positive effect on the functioning of muscles and the immune system. It provides support in the pet’s diet and covers the daily calcium requirement of dogs to a greater extent than other vitamin preparations.

Recommended for: puppies in the period of intensive growth, bitches during pregnancy and lactation, in order to compensate for deficiencies caused by a heavy load on the body, active and sports dogs.

Particularly recommended: during convalescence after orthopedic procedures. Calcium and vitamin D3 supplementation supports and accelerates bone healing.


The content of active substances in 1 capsule
Calcium 300mg
Vitamin D3 3 2.5μg (100 U)

The liquid form of the capsule content ensures perfect absorption of active substances

Vitamin D3 is twice as effective as D2 in increasing the level of vit. D in the body.


Calcium is the basic building block of bones and teeth, it ensures proper mineralization of the skeleton and bone density during the growth of the organism. It is a component necessary for the production and activation of numerous enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, fat and energy metabolism in the body. Proper supply of this ingredient is necessary to maintain proper blood clotting, because Ca has an impact on wound healing processes. Calcium interacts with other macronutrients during muscle contraction, including the heart muscle, helping to maintain optimal muscle tone. Calcium is also essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Deficiencies of calcium or its too low concentration in the blood make nerve cells hypersensitive. Tetany (painful muscle spasms) may occur, especially dangerous for pregnant bitches and in the perinatal period. Calcium also supports the release of neurotransmitters in the nervous system.

Vitamin D plays an important role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and bone mineralization. It increases the absorption of these elements from the digestive tract, and also balances the abnormal ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Vitamin D facilitates the conversion of organic phosphorus into inorganic, which is why it is essential in ossification processes and in the formation of compounds necessary for bone building. Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on the efficiency of the immune system. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, has a positive effect on the production of anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory cytokines, thanks to which it is also used in the treatment of allergies

All substances present in Game Dog Calcium+D3 products are of the highest quality
and meet human nutritional standards (Human Grade)

Calcium carbonate, cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), soybean oil
Shell composition
gelatin, glycerol
For adult dogs - 1 capsule per 10 kg of body weight. Puppies, pregnant and lactating female dogs - 1 capsule per 5 kg of body weight. When fed a raw food diet high in phosphorus - 1 capsule for every 250g of food.
60 capsules
net capacity

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